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【End】Tokyo Story

The screening has ended. Thank you very much.
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An elderly couple that lives in Onomichi, Hiroshima visit their children in Tokyo. Their eldest son Koichi and eldest daughter Shige, however, can’t spend much time with their parents because of their busy lives in the city. Another son has been killed in the war, and his wife is the one who has to take care of and comfort the parents.

Screening date / place Saturday, January 18th, 2020 / Shikochu Hall (Karuta small hall)
Release year 1953
Country of production Japan
Runtime 135 minutes
Director Yasujiro Ozu
Writers Yasujiro Ozu / Kogo Noda
Cinematography Yuharu Atsuta
Music Takanobu Saito
Cast Chishu Ryu / Chieko Higashiyama / Setsuko Hara
Ticket ・ローソンチケット(Lコード:L66060)