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【End】Shodo Girls

The screening has ended. Thank you very much.
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Shikokuchuo City, Ehime, is the largest producer of paper in Japan and known as “Paper Town”. Shikokuchuo High School teacher Mr. Ikezawa is temporarily appointed as the manager of the school’s calligraphy (Japanese: shodo) club, to which Satoko and her friends belong.
Mr. Ikezawa comes up with an idea to do “performance calligraphy,” in which kanji (Chinese characters) are drawn with big brushes on huge sheets of paper to the rhythm of accompanying music.
Satoko and her teammates organize the “Shodo Performance Koshien,” an inter-high school competition, in the shopping district of the city, revitalizing it in the process.

Screening date / place Saturday, January 18th, 2020 4:30 p.m. ~ Shikochu Hall (Karuta small hall)
Release year 2010
Country of production Japan
Runtime 121 minutes
Director Ryuichi Inomata
Writer Yuko Nagata
Music Taro Iwashiro
Cast Riko Narumi / Rio Yamashita / Mitsuki Takahata
Ticket ・ローソンチケット(Lコード:L66060)