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5 Million Dollar Life

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A young boy suffering from a life-threatening disease is saved by treatment paid for by 500 million yen (approx. 5 million dollars) in donations. The boy becomes a high school student and tries to live in gratitude for the life-saving donations but finds it difficult to move on. He loses motivation and announces his intention to kill himself on social media. He receives a message saying, “Before you kill yourself, return the 5 million dollars.” He runs away from home, and while facing lessons about money and life, has a surprising encounter on his journey.

Screening Date / Place Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 10:00 a.m. ~ / Kihoku-cho town hall, Hiyoshi branch small hall
Country of production Japan
Runtime 112 minutes
Director Sungho Moon
Cast Ayumu Mochidzuki
Official website https://gyao.yahoo.co.jp/special/5oku/