About EIFF

The First Ehime International Film Festival

1Promoting a better understanding of art and culture
2Inspire people to create more artistic works
3Help raise leaders in the international film world
4Find and evaluate new talent and film contents

Event Overview

1Presentation of the Ehime International Film Festival Awards
2“Egao Kando Monogatari” (Touching Tales of Loving Smiles) Movie Contes
3Premium screening for the festival’s films with introductions of the filmmaking teams
4Screening of the award winning international films with introductions of the filmmaking teams
5Screening of films related to Ehime with introductions of the filmmaking teams
6Movie related events (planned)
Film music concert, panel discussion, Workshop, 8K film play, etc...
7Related ceremonies (Red Carpet, Opening Ceremony, Reception, Closing Ceremony)


Matsuyama City, Imabari City, Uwajima City, Niihama City, Shikokuchuo City, Toon City, Masaki Town, Tobe Town, Uchiko Town, Kihoku Town

Ehime International Film Festival