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【End】Mifune:The Last Samurai

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There is no doubt that Toshiro Mifune (1920-1997) is a legendary actor who helped build the Golden Age of the Japanese film industry.
This documentary focuses on Mifune’s masterpiece performances. Through interviews with family, film crew, directors, and luminaries, it explores how Mifune played an important role in the “Evolution of the Samurai Film.”

Screening date / place Undecided
Release year 2018
Country of production Japan
Runtime 80 minutes
Director / Editor Steven Okazaki
Narrator Akira
Cast Kyoko Kagawa / Yoko Tsukasa / Yoshio Tsuchiya / Takeshi Kato / Kaoru Yachigusa / Yosuke Natsuki / Steven Spielberg / Martin Scorsese / Koji Yakusho