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【End】Konna Yofuke ni Banana ka yo: Kanashiki Jitsuwa

The screening has ended. Thank you very much.
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Yasuaki Kano lives in Sapporo and has been confined to a wheelchair since childhood because of muscular dystrophy. Even though he can only move his hands and neck, he doesn’t stay in a hospital. With the assistance of multiple volunteers, he is able to live on his own. He takes full advantage of their help, including that of Tanaka, a medical school student volunteer. Tanaka is selfishly manipulated by Yasukai, who orders Tanaka to do odd things, such as getting him a banana to eat in the middle of the night. One day, Yasukai becomes depressed and endangers his own life.

Screening Date / Place Saturday, January 25th, 2020 3:30 p.m. ~ / Pafio Uwajima
Release year 2018
Country of production Japan
Runtime 120 minutes
Director Tetsu Maeda
Original Author Kazufumi Watanabe
Writer Hiroshi Hashimoto
Cast Yo Oizumi / Mitsuki Takahata / Haruma Miura
Ticket ・ローソンチケット(Lコード:L66060)