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【End】Smiles Leading to Happiness

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A young dental technician, Daichi, meets his childhood friend Manatsu again, who similarly works as a dental hygienist at a clinic in a suburb of Tokyo. Though his co-workers consider Daichi trustworthy and considerate, his father, who runs a dental technician’s office, thinks less of Daichi’s work. Daichi then receives a complaint from a patient. Manatsu tries to comfort a dejected Daichi, but they end up having an argument.

Screening date Sunday, January 19th, 2020 10:00 a.m. ~
(Must apply to the Ehime Dental Association / Capacity of 120 / Apply by December 26th, 2019 (first-come, first-served basis))
place Auditorium at the Ehime Prefectural Museum of Art
Release year 2019
Country of production Japan
Runtime 89 minutes
Director Jiro Enomoto
Original story by Akiyoshi Sekoguchi
Screenplay Ryuta Kawasaki
Cast Mahiro Takasugi / Seia Yasuda / Yuichi Kimura / Yuki Tsujimoto / Tetsuhiro Ikeda
Host Ehime Dental Association
Co-host Executive committee of EIFF