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【End】Ao Ashi

The screening has ended. Thank you very much.
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Third-year junior high school student Ashito Aoi lives in Ehime Prefecture. He is scrappy, and his potential in soccer is immeasurable. Honest and straightforward to a fault, he suffers a huge setback.
While Ashito struggles, Tatsuya Fukuda, a veteran of the prestigious J-club team “Tokyo City Esperion,” appears in front of him. Ashito starts accelerating toward his destiny.

Screening date /place Undecided / Botchan Theater
Country of production Japan
Production cooperative Shogakukan
Writer Based on the comic by Yuugo Kobayashi
Interview/Draft cooperation Naohiko Ueno
Screenplay / Director Naohiro Ise
Staging MAMORU
Stage production amipro
Cast Taishi Sugie / Yusuke Kashiwagi / Yoshiki Tani / Aren Kohatsu / Ryo Tsuji